Low-cost leads, high-quality customers

Grow your business with large volumes of pre-scored leads

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Compliant customers

Acquire compliant, high-quality customers through Crezu’s smart financing platform.

Different traffic sources

Crezu boasts an experienced in-house media buying team and collaborates with hundreds of partners, giving you access to numerous traffic sources.

Pre-scored leads

Crezu provides you with customers tailored to your ideal credit profile.

Declined Customer Monetization

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New revenue source

Create a powerful new stream of revenue. Use Crezu to offer declined customers a range of alternative lending options

Happier customers

Help declined customers gain access to financial resources that better suit their needs

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Smarter Technology

Optimized outcomes

By analyzing both real-time and historical data with intelligent algorithms, Crezu’s cutting-edge core decision engine ensures that you’re always provided with targeted customers who are highly likely to qualify for risk scoring


Hundreds of lenders across rely on our safe, transparent and compliant system

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Honest service

Here at Crezu we never charge clients for using our services.

International sales team

Our sales team speaks your language and is knowledgable to assist you with any technical and marketing questions you may have.

GDPR compliant

Customer data and privacy are strictly protected, fully complying with the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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